The story of Occupational and Life Safety Department formation

the story 1

The counting of the existence as an independent structural subdivision the Department started from July 1970, when the Department “Organization of building manufacture” was transformed into the Department of “Organization of construction production and life safety” in the led by assoc. professor Podkolzin P.S.

In September of 1976 was created an independent Occupational Safety Department; in November 1991 was joined the group “Civil Defense” and Department received the name of “Life Safety”.

During its existence the Department was led by Ph. D., assoc. professor P.S. Podkolzin in 1970-1979, Ph. D., assoc. professor I. O. Rudman in 1980-1986, Ph. D., assoc. professor Ignatenko I. P. in 1986-1991, Ph. D., professor B. M. Korzhik in 1991-2009., Ph. D., assoc. professor. J. A. Serikov in 2009-2012, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Khvorost N. V. since 2012.the story 2

In 1995 the Department became issuing and in 2000 was fulfilled the first graduation of specialists.

The Department opened a specialties "Occupational safety" and "Civil Defense" for full-time students and tuition by correspondence.

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