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Occupational and Life Safety Department is a subdivision of Kharkov national University of municipal economy, which trains specialists and masters in "Occupational Safety" and “Civil Defense”, and also ensures conducting of the normative sciences "Life Safety", "Fundamentals of Occupational Safety", “Occupational Safety in the branch” and "Civil Defense" for all specialties of the University.

The faculty of the Department is formed of highly skilled professionals who perform a substantial volume of academic and methodological work and develop important research areas. Highly qualified scientific potential of the Department allows carrying out the scientific research in the field of construction, municipal economy, electrical engineering, applied acoustics and lighting.

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The Head of the Occupational and Life Safety Department is Khvorost N.V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering, academician of the Academy of higher education of Ukraine, academician of the transport Academy of Ukraine, Honored Transport worker of Ukraine.

The Department has 21 staffers, of which two professors - Khvorost N.V., Leusenko A.V., twelve candidates of technical Sciences (PhD), associate professors - Abrakitov V.E., Bilim P.A., Harkovets A.M., Gryaznova S. A., Danova K.V, Dyakonov V.I., Zaichenko V. I., Lutsenko N.M., Nikitchenko O.Y., Serikov J.A., Tretyakov O.V., Fesenko G.V., two candidates of Sciences (PhD), assistant - Skrypnik E.S., Tkachenko I.A., senior lecturers Chebotareva A.V., Nesterenko S.V., assistants Mikulina I.A., Malysheva V.V., the head of laboratory Kurilko N.P. and post-graduate student M. I. Bokatova.

Of the past three years the Department staff has written and published 6 monographs, 9 tutorials for the normative sciences which taught at the University, and 77 articles, 106 abstracts, and got 7 patents.

The scientific areas which are being developed by the Department staffs are: Transport and transport safety; Increase of ecological safety of the areas near to highways; Occupational safety in the industry of housing and communal services, construction and transport; Noise protection; Polymeric composition for improving the safety; Noise mapping.

The Department is the base for training and retraining of managers and specialists of the occupational safety in the municipal economy, which is implemented by the way of the licensed training Centre for managers and specialists of Housing and Communal Services in the Eastern region of Ukraine on occupational safety under the Faculty training and retraining of heads of the HCS in the University.

For the purpose of the advanced training of future specialists, the teachers of the Department permanently improve the educational and methodological resources of the disciplines which taught by the Department staff, by developing of new tutorials, learner's guides and programs of educational disciplines. The Department staff has created online courses on the platform "Moodle" for full-time students and tuition by correspondence which allows forming the enlightened attitude of the provision of educational services to students.

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The students take an active participation in Olympiads and scientific conferences on life safety and get the win places.

The Department has a student theoretical and practical study group "Life Safety - occupational safety and health: concepts, theory and practice of young professionals".

The work of Occupational and Life Safety Department is aimed at the successful implementation of tasks of ensuring the necessity of society in highly qualified specialists on occupational safety, which are implemented on the basis of modern educational technologies with a specialized practice source.


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